Welcome. The Mad Rose Gallery’s mission is to foster a vibrant and inclusive artistic community by showcasing exceptional fine art and photography and actively engaging with the Millerton, NY, and surrounding area community. Through our exhibitions, educational programs, and community events, we aim to inspire, connect, and enrich the lives of individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Through our unwavering dedication to artistic excellence, community engagement, education, collaboration, and inclusivity, we aspire to be a catalyst for artistic growth, cultural appreciation, and social connections within the Millerton, NY, and surrounding area community. Together, let us explore, create, and inspire through the transformative power of fine art and photography.

RSVP Exhibition Opening
Saturday June 15th, 3PM
5916 N Elm
Millerton, NY
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"The Gift" presents an exploration of the ordinary transformed into the extraordinary. Through her lens, Han Feng captures the inherent beauty of everyday objects, elevating them to symbolic gifts from the earth. 

Han Feng's creative vision has graced prestigious exhibitions at renowned institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Neue Galerie, and Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.

Come see the work, June 15th 3-6pm
RSVP: madrosegallery.com/gift

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Great turnout for the Fred Steiner “Out of Exile” documentary and photo exhibit.
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