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Through our unwavering dedication to artistic excellence, community engagement, education, collaboration, and inclusivity, we aspire to be a catalyst for artistic growth, cultural appreciation, and social connections within the Millerton, NY, and surrounding area community. Together, let us explore, create, and inspire through the transformative power of fine art and photography.

EXPO FIDJROSSÈ - Exploring the art of BENIN
Dates: March 1- April 4
Reception: Sat March 9, 4-7PM
In Conversation: March 24 3:30-5PM
Anne-Marie Akplogan - Painter
Eric Medard - Painter
Mahoussi - Mixed Media: Painter/Sculptor
Marius Dansouv- Sculptor
Nobel Koty - Painter
Syl Loko - Painter
Zododo EKUE - Photography
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The gallery opens at noon today. Two Minimalist. 
Come by and see how Francie Lyshak utilizes texture, color, shape, and size within her canvases, while David Colbert employs geometry and plays with light on very simple forms.
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Francie Lyshak and David Colbert || Dialogues: Exploring Light, Shapes, and Color in Paint and Form
Ready for public viewing tomorrow 2/1.
Let us know your coming to the reception on 2/3. Go to MadRoseGallery.com/rsvp
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