Harper Blanchet


November 1st-14th, 2023

The Mad Rose Gallery is pleased to present a show of the abstract paintings of Harper Blanchet.  The show will run from November 1 through November 14 and will highlight Mr. Blanchet’s work over a forty-year period.  

Harper Blanchet has been a committed artist since his first experience taking photographs at the age of seven under the tutelage of his father.  His “meditations through the lens” have informed his artistic vision, an aesthetic that prizes beauty above all; beauty as seen in Nature, in the human form, in the play of light and shadow, in motion and stillness. 

The abstract paintings on display at the gallery are a contrast in styles.  Blanchet’s “ACTION” paintings are dynamic and positive expressions of his aesthetic; those of the “FIELD” genre are more contemplative and restrained with an underlying strength. Both reveal an artist of skill and thoughtfulness whose craft, actual wizardry, has been refined by constant work married to reflection.  This show will surprise and delight.


We invite you to join us during this two-week run, a brief but compelling moment as we build our registry of artists. There will be a festive celebration of the Blanchet show on Saturday, November 4th. We look forward to seeing you.