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This show, “Expo Fidjrosse,” features artists from Benin in West Africa and a photographer from Togo. It came from an offshoot of a personal project in Africa. In gratitude for the wonderful education I received at Rutgers University, in 2019 our foundation instituted an exchange program at Rutgers, with the objective being to work in Haiti. Rutgers felt it was too dangerous to proceed there, so we moved the project to Benin, which is on the Atlantic just north of Nigeria.

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Kathy Plesser, at left in the foreground, and Amy Singer peruse books on Ruth Orkin’s work, sold at the gallery for Oblong Books. In the background, from left, Mary Engel, Lisa Aiba, Richard Block and Steve Aresty are deep in their respective conversations. Photo by Deborah Maier

Orkin & Engel at Mad Rose

A crowd of about 70 aficionados gathered at The Moviehouse in Millerton on Saturday, Nov. 18, for a screening marking the start of the new Orkin/Engel exhibit at Mad Rose Gallery.

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Michael Lavin Flower with “Victoria,” far left, a nebulous portrait of his stepdaughter as a young child, in his exhibition at Millerton’s Mad Rose Gallery on Friday, Oct. 13. Photo by Deborah Maier

Enigmatic photographs at Mad Rose Gallery


—  In Mad Rose Gallery’s spacious main room, Michael Lavin Flower’s mostly black-and-white photographs trace one man’s curiosity about nature and the built world as well as the very processes that transform simple recording of them into individual pieces of art.

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Merrill retrospective at Mad Rose Gallery

MILLERTON —  On a late-summer day that was warm but not oppressive, the light was ideal for the glowing, life-positive canvases arrayed around the new Mad Rose Gallery on Friday, Sept. 1, for a retrospective of selected works by the late Susan Merrill.

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