This MUST be the Place?

Lee Day

Industrial Abstraction features a selection of ‘distressed compression’ panoramics from the TrainPans series, a project that has been in development for several years. This particular selection emphasizes the effects of rhythm and abstraction in panoramas captured while passing through engineered and industrial environments.

Jada Fabrizio

Jada finds joy in crafting stories inspired by the world around her. Through her landscape images, she strives to construct condensed narratives that evoke stimulating thoughts in the viewer. While she acknowledges that all humans share some common ground, she believes our responses to stimuli are shaped by our unique personal histories. Nevertheless, she emphasizes that we all share one commonality Рour planet Earth. Thus, she encourages spectators to infuse their own experiences into the narrative, imbuing the images with their own meanings. Her work is primarily motivated by a desire to transmute the ordinary into something beautiful.

Alon Koppel

Alon Koppel rekindled his passion for photography, which serves as his primary creative outlet and source of income, after a career in design. Leveraging his background as a graphic designer, Alon applies a more structured methodology and project-oriented approach to photography than he previously did, paradoxically granting him greater freedom to explore. His portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, from rephotographing historical stereoscopic images to capturing long exposure photographs of various modes of transportation.