Marius Dansou is a sculptor (3 works on display in the gallery) whose work refers to a cultural obsession with women’s hair which in turn is an homage to the strongly maternal society that underlies much of African society.

Syl Loko has two works that creatively use spent materials, including principally nails that produce a wavelike energy to his characters.

Mahoussi Ahodoto is represented by both sculpture: a key with a series of chairs along its length; and paintings, one large and one small, each with an explosion of color; all of which bear witness to his feelings borne from a period of homelessness.

Eric Mededa is a performance artist who also paints. His three abstract paintings are spiritual in nature with ghostlike forms bleeding into the canvas.

Anne-Marie Akplogan, the sole female representative of the group, shows three studies of the leg, a reflection on the human figure and perhaps also an acknowledgement of the harshly physical life that dominates the working person’s day.

We acquired from Nobel Koty, a quartet of paintings that functions as a singular series, untitled by Nobel but a group that we refer to as “vanishing man”, a potent visual statement of our insecurity and the temporary nature of life.

Zododo Ekue, the fashion and cultural photographer from Lomé, capital of Togo, is represented by three works, purposely framed in scavenged wood.  One finds here the physical beauty of this extraordinary and unique region and its people and the marriage of the modern and the traditional.