Han Feng’s The Gift

Han Feng The Gift No 13 2020
Han Feng The Gift No 13 2020

“The Gift” presents an exploration of the ordinary transformed into the extraordinary. Through her lens, Han Feng captures the inherent beauty of everyday objects, elevating them to symbolic gifts from the earth. Unable to embark on international travels during the pandemic, Han Feng embarked on a creative journey within her own home in New York. Using an antique wooden Chinese table as her stage, she artfully arranged fruits, vegetables, and an array of objects collected from various corners of the world over the years. These meticulously balanced still life compositions form the ongoing photography series, “The Gift,” reflecting Han Feng’s passion for ceramics, cuisine, and her unwavering determination to discover joy, surprise, and beauty in the mundane.

Han Feng Portrait - Photo Seth Caplan
Han Feng Portrait – Photo Seth Caplan

Trained at the esteemed China Academy of Art, Han Feng boasts a multifaceted career trajectory. Initially recognized as a fashion designer, she debuted her collection at New York Fashion Week in 1993. Later, she ventured into costume design, leaving an indelible mark with her work in Anthony Minghella’s production of “Madama Butterfly” at the English National Opera in 2005. Han Feng’s creative vision has graced prestigious exhibitions at renowned institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Neue Galerie, and Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. In 2020, she made her foray into photography with the groundbreaking “The Gift” series, marking yet another milestone in her illustrious artistic journey.