This show, “Expo Fidjrosse,” features artists from Benin in West Africa and a photographer from Togo. It came from an offshoot of a personal project in Africa. In gratitude for the wonderful education I received at Rutgers University, in 2019 our foundation instituted an exchange program at Rutgers, with the objective being to work in Haiti. Rutgers felt it was too dangerous to proceed there, so we moved the project to Benin, which is on the Atlantic just north of Nigeria.

Mad Rose Gallery Brings Interactive Gallery Space to Millerton

“We pulled this together rather quickly,” Robert Flower, marketing strategist, tells me while we sit in the center of Mad Rose Gallery, located on the corner of North Elm and Main Street in Millerton, NY. The gallery space was leased in May, and a little less than three months later, Mad Rose had their official opening on July 29.

It’s only appropriate that the first featured artist is also the owner, Kerry Madigan.